ADAM THE BULL – 9/12/16
Cleveland’s Afternoon Drive radio host

“If he doesn’t need surgery, he could be back Week 10. But the Week 10 game is a short week, so you’re probably talking like Week 11 at best. . . . But he has a history of taking bad hits too and getting hurt. He’s never made it through a full season. The Browns haven’t had a quarterback play a full 16 games in 15 years. Tim Couch 15 years ago was the last Browns quarterback to play all 16 games. Most years they’ve had three guys, and the guess is they probably will have three guys (this year). If they don’t win a game before (Cody) Kessler goes in, my gosh, it could get ugly. But like I said, I think Josh McCown gives them a better chance to win. A little bit better.”
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ELI ROGERS – 9/12/16
Steelers WR

“Every day that guy comes out. He knows he’s the best in the league but he comes out every day and he just works his butt off every single day. That right there is more important or bigger than anything else that he’s shown me.”
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Legal expert

“Those are the type of idiots running these investigations. There’s an active recording and they’re saying on the recording, ‘Don’t sweat it, man. Keep living your life and playing football.’ And then apparently the accused rapist starts talking about how many phone numbers he got from other girls the night that he allegedly raped this girl, and all of them start belly-laughing about it.”
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MIKE MAX – 9/13/16
Minneapolis WCCO host

“He’s not a big-time quarterback. He didn’t play poorly the other day, but he’s not a playmaker. In talking to Mike Zimmer, he said the reason they didn’t run the ball well is there was something different every time. There’d be a collapse, there’d be a guy here, a guy there, so they weren’t as concerned about that as you might think. They really want to establish Peterson. He didn’t really play at all during the preseason. They tried to save him so he’d have more tread left on the tire. He tried that last year and had a terrible first game against San Francisco to open the year and then was pretty good after that.”
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TIM GRAHAM – 9/14/16
Buffalo News Bills writer

“I think he has an affection for his players and he wants to get more out of them like his father used to get out of guys to be frothing at the mouth, ready to rock on Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m. I just don’t think that the players give it back to him like he would like it to be, like he saw the affection that they had for his father, and I don’t think that that’s necessarily Rex’s fault. I think that today’s player necessarily just doesn’t do that.”
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RICH HAMMOND – 9/14/16
Orange County Register Rams writer

“If you lose that game 24-21, it’s one thing. But the players themselves said it was embarrassing. They were honest about it. It’s just the optics of it more than anything. It’s San Francisco, it’s your in-state rival, it’s the one team in the division you’re supposed to finish ahead of. If you lose to San Francisco, what is your hope in that division? So all of that – the first game of the season, Monday Night Football – it just could not have gone worse for that team.”
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MATT YOUMANS – 9/15/16
Las Vegas Review Journal sportswriter

‘They want to see it happen. So it looks like the NFL vote – 24 of 32 owners, which would be the last hurdle to get over – I would say at this point it’s a big favorite for the Raiders and Las Vegas to be a reality.”
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Houston DE

“As a matter of fact, Howard came up to me before that drive and was like, ‘Hey, man, it’s Prime Time.’ Then he went out there and made that amazing play. And Steve ran it all the way back. It was just an exciting time. I don’t really have words for it. It felt good to be a Coug.”
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