GARY MYERS – 9/19/16
New York Daily News columnist

“I’m surprised they wanted to have their brand – and I don’t like that expression, calling it a ‘brand’ – I’m really surprised they wanted their brand associated with a guy like this when he was easily replaceable. I think the Giants would have preferred to win the game with any of the other 45 guys on the active roster being the hero. And I won’t say he was a hero. The winning field goal was 10 yards shorter than an extra point is now.”
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STEVE JONES – 9/19/16
Courier-Journal Louisville football writer

“He’s confident but also humble. He never really talks himself up. He could say I think clearly I’m the best player in the country or I want to go out there and dominate those guys and things like that. He doesn’t really say anything like that. He doesn’t kind of bask in some of these sort of amazing stats that he has. He always just kind of judges himself difficult.”
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JIM MCBRIDE – 9/20/16
Boston Globe Patriots writer

“He’s not going give you any injury information at a press conference. You’re just going to have to figure it out on your own and watch practice. But you’re kind of used to it at this point. He still has to be asked the questions just in case there might be that one nugget of information. So it’s still worth going absolutely.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I’m not positive he’s a better back than Adrian Peterson as they both stand right now. But behind that offensive line, with the inability to run between the tackles and with them probably needing to use the screen game to supplement or even become the run game – and needing someone who can catch the ball cleanly in space who can make someone miss, who’s a little more shifty laterally – I think it actually will help them in some ways.”
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MIKE AXISA – 9/21/16 MLB writer

“They’ve done what they’re supposed to do against a lot of these bad teams, and then they run into the Braves. The Braves are playing better in the second half. They’ve been one of the best-hitting teams in baseball since the All-Star break, which really doesn’t make sense but it’s true. So they’re not a total pushover, but still, if you’re in a playoff race and you’re at home, you’ve got to beat this team. This is the second time the Braves swept the Mets in Citi Field this year. If the Mets don’t make the postseason, these are the series you look back on and say, ‘These were missed opportunities.’”
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LOGAN RYAN – 9/22/16
Patriots CB

“We went out there and we did what we were supposed to do on a short week and now we get to enjoy these extra days off and get ready for a Buffalo team who always plays us tough and got some great players also. It’s fun. It’s fun to watch some games this weekend, relax with the family and get ready to rep it up again.”
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