The MLB playoffs begin Tuesday, Oct. 5, and Scott Ferrall can’t wait. Neither can Scott Miller – especially since this week will be relatively low on drama.

“It’s fun watching the way the final playoff spots will play out, but in all honesty, the division titles are all clinched,” Miller, the Bleacher Report MLB writer, said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “We’re watching basically the two Wild Card races. While there’s some drama in that (and) in the cities involved (with) the Mets, the Cardinals, the Giants, nobody’s playing well enough, I don’t think, to keep people paying attention nationally. I’m kind of like, okay, let’s get through this week, let’s get rolling, let’s lock in who’s going to be the playoff matchup and let’s go.”

The Mets (84-74) and Giants (83-74) are first and second, respectively, in the NL Wild Card, with the Cardinals (82-75) one game out. Ultimately, though, which two teams will make the playoffs?

“If I answer nobody, is that allowable?” Miller joked. “(The Mets) are without Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz. Done. The Giants can’t get out of their own way. They lead the major leagues with 30 blown saves. If they had even converted 30 percent of their blown saves, they would be winning the National League West. So I don’t know. I kind of think the Mets and Cardinals will end up there by default, just because for two months I’ve been waiting for the Giants to start playing well. I thought they had it in them. They haven’t. So I’ve pretty much written them off.”

Miller was also asked about Jose Fernandez, as new details continue to emerge about his death. Fernandez reportedly got into a fight with his girlfriend and asked two friends to go for a late-night boat ride, this after some of his Marlins teammates turned down the invite.

“You hear the initial reports: a 24-year-old superstar is killed in a boating accident and it’s so sad,” Miller said. “His two friends as well. Tragic. And then you kind of hold your breath, whether it’s this case or other cases. In this day and age, you’re always scared (about alcohol or drugs being involved) when the toxicology reports come back. It’s troubling because in some eyes, it’ll take away from the tragedy. Say there’s alcohol involved. You know some people are going to say ‘Well, they get what they deserve’ or whatever. And that’s never the case.

“If some of the reports that are starting to surface are true, it’s hard enough to hear about a tragedy that’s life-ending,” Miller continued. “But it almost makes it double difficult when bad decisions are involved as well.”


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