DAVID DUSEK – 9/26/16
Golf Week senior writer

“I’m sure your listeners at this point have read things and have saw it. It’s all true. It’s all true. In an era now where athletes communicate to fans through social media and guys are so much more standoffish for various reasons, Palmer’s method of social media was a handshake, was looking you in the eye, was talking to people face-to-face, and it endeared him in such a way to the fans right off the bat. Arnie’s Army was this force of nature, but it just kept going. It didn’t stop when his playing.”
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Falcons DE

“He understands where the pressure’s coming from and he gets rid of the ball. So when you have a quarterback like that that is that skilled, you just got to figure out you’re not going to get there every time. You just got to be keep trucking along and keep trying to get pressure on him and one of these times he’s going to hold on to the ball.”
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MIKE STRAKA – 9/27/16
MMA Noise host

“He said look at all these guys up here. They’re all trying to dress like me and they’re all trying to talk like me. It’s a very telling thing because everybody up there was in a beautiful custom suit with beautiful silk. Chris Weidman was wearing a suit that looked like it was made by Giorgio Armani. It was a beautiful suit. You didn’t see that five years ago. You didn’t even see that a year ago. When Conor came in and he started dressing up and being flashy, everybody started doing the same thing. I just love the guy. I can’t get enough of him.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 9/27/16
Bleacher Report MLB writer

“We’re watching basically the two Wild Card races. While there’s some drama in that (and) in the cities involved (with) the Mets, the Cardinals, the Giants, nobody’s playing well enough, I don’t think, to keep people paying attention nationally. I’m kind of like, okay, let’s get through this week, let’s get rolling, let’s lock in who’s going to be the playoff matchup and let’s go.”
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SULLY ERNA – 9/28/16
Lead singer of Godsmack

“They’re heating up right when they need to get hot. I can’t see why this can’t happen. I like the team a lot. I don’t know much about (manager John Farrell), but from what I do see, I think he’s done a tremendous job, and I certainly think the players are hungry and focused.”
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MLB Network host

“A midseason tragic accident, a guy who was the heart and soul of a team, seeing the emotions of the Marlins these past couple of days, Bobby Murcer’s walk-off the first night after having buried a teammate and a brother – it’s just mind-boggling.”
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TIM BRANDO – 9/29/16
FOX Sports college football analyst

“And frankly, the biorhythms on him were not good going all he way back to the 2011, 13-0 LSU team that had to play Alabama in a rematch in the final BCS championship, which turned into a bloodletting with the Jordan Jefferson situation at quarterback with Jarrett Lee. He never rebounded from that. The program was never the same. They just couldn’t develop a quarterback and Les was stuck in the mud with his offensive schemes. He wouldn’t change.”
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MIKE YAM – 9/29/16
Pac-12 Network host

“To me, it’s hogwash. If you look at defensively what Washington’s got and the fact that it’s a Chris Petersen team, I don’t think they’re overhyped. I certainly think they belong in the top 10. I think they’re going to be able to compete against Stanford.”
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