JEREMY CONN – 10/3/16
Baltimore The Fan host

“I think a lot of fans here would like to see him in the Cy Young talks, but there’s a lot of people that think a guy that’s pitched that many innings shouldn’t be in the Cy Young (discussion). But let’s think about it: If he blows one save, the Orioles may not be in the postseason the entire year.”
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ANTHONY BARR – 10/3/16
Vikings LB

“To step in given the circumstances and to go out and perform at a high level and keep us in games – they won us the game tonight. Hats off to those guys. It’s impressive seeing them come in and doing what they do. I’m not surprised because I see them work every day and they’re great competitors and work extra hard. They just got to keep it up.”
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JAMES KRATCH – 10/4/16
NJ Advanced Media writer

“Jerry did it in plain view of every reporter who was in the locker room talking to players. I think Jerry is a guy who’s usually in the locker room after games, but he’s not usually out in the open like that. So he clearly thought there was a major issue that he had to address right then and there. It couldn’t wait until the bus back to the airport. It couldn’t wait for the flight home. I think the Giants know they have to (do something), but people are going to be skeptical. Last year, they really did nothing in that Carolina game. I think it’s one of the reasons Tom Coughlin is not the head coach. And now it seems like they’re trying to do something, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working so far.”
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RAY RATTO – 10/4/16 writer

“I think it’s an interesting dilemma for the Giants because on the one hand, he is their best playoff pitcher; on the other hand, he gave up a career high in home runs, and the one thing the Mets do is hit home runs. They don’t do much else offensively, but they will put a ball over a fence. It’s a fascinating matchup. It’s not like the Giants are going to likely beat the hell out of Noah Syndergaard, either. I think you might have a game a lot like the (AL Wild Card).”
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CHAD FINN – 10/5/16
Boston Globe writer

“He seems to be the kind of guy who needs everything to be perfect for him to succeed. If it’s not perfect, if he doesn’t feel well, if he doesn’t feel great about the lineup he’s pithing against, things tend to go wrong. But when they go right, he’s really good. He’s got a $13 million option next year. That would have sounded absurd to pick up in May. I think it’s very likely that it happens now.”
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Arizona Republic Cardinals writer

“This is only his 13th NFL start and the guy’s been in the league for 10 years. I love the guy. He’s funny, he’s comical, he’s got a very good arm – he started eight games for the Cardinals two years ago when Carson had all kinds of problems and he went 5-3. He was just very, very average. But what backup pretty much isn’t just average?”
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BOB STURM – 10/6/16
The Ticket in Dallas radio host

“Half the city loves the guy and the other half wants to see a little something before they put him up with the city’s other heroes. We’re talking wins in January and maybe the big one in February. He’s been a divisive sports figure in this city for a long time. Every time he can’t play, the guy that replaces him is flat out awful.”
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JERRY HINNEN – 10/6/16
College football insider

“The first half was a little sloppy, but the second half — you are not going to see a college football game with any two better quarterbacks than DeShaun Watson and Lamar Jackson. Like I said, I’ve been having trouble sleeping this week just trying to get over that game pretty much.”
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