You don’t often hear a lot of positive things about Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Well, let’s change that.

On Monday, Snyder sent Pierre Garcon and Ricky Jean Francois – along with food, water and medical supplies – to Haiti to help people who have been left homeless or injured by Hurricane Matthew. Garson and Francois, who are both Haitian, traveled there and back in Snyder’s private jet.

“If it wasn’t for Dan Snyder, the dream would have never become a reality,” Francois said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He gave us a chance to give back to our people. Him being a part of it, it’s a big thing. It shows a lot about our owner. I give thanks to my owner. I tip my hat to my owner. He didn’t have to do it, but he actually did. That shows you how much love he has for people in general.”

Snyder actually approached Garcon and Francois about the trip. It was his idea. Francois, who jumped at the opportunity, figured he would have to look for a flight.

Nope. Snyder offered his jet.

“I’m like, ‘His jet? Cool, I’m not going to turn down this opportunity,’” Francois said. “I’m like, ‘Sure, let’s pack up the plane and let’s head down to Haiti.’”

The scene in Haiti was unlike anything Francois had seen in America.

“We brought 15 to 20 boxes of medical supplies – IVs, gauze, Q-tips, different things that needed to be used in the hospital,” he said. “That’s where everybody’s that’s injured or hurt is at right now. Everybody had to go to Port-au-Prince to get any type of medical attention, just with the size of hospital they had. It was crazy because that hospital is not big. We’re used to big rooms and stuff. You can imagine just a normal hotel room with like 20 beds in it. I’m talking about hospital beds. And somebody just trying to turn around each way trying to attend to each person. It was crazy. That’s just how life is down there.”

Unfortunately, many hospitals in Haiti have had to turn people away who need care. They simply don’t have supplies.

“You’re here in America, you go to a hospital, nobody can turn you down,” Francois said. “But if you go somewhere that doesn’t have (what you need), you’re out of luck.”


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