SCOTT MILLER – 10/10/16
Bleacher Report senior MLB writer

“Their backs are against the wall and they’ve got a big decision to make. The Dodgers were going to go with the rookie, Julio Urias, to start Game 4. Now down 2-1, they may come back with Clayton Kershaw on short rest. That’s the big decision the Dodgers are sleeping on.”
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Bucs LB

“We just got to get back to work now. We got a bye week coming up, so we just got to get back to work when we get back and get ready for the next game.”
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ADAM JUDE – 10/11/16
Seattle Times Huskies reporter

“It’s taken him a couple years up in Seattle but he’s finally got things rolling. He’s got thing clicking, as you hoped he would. And man, look at them right now. No. 5 in the country, 6-0, and not only did they do that to Oregon, but they did it at home to Stanford a couple weeks ago. I think we can officially say the Washington Huskies are back and officially in the national title race.”
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Redskins DE

“He gave us a chance to give back to our people. Him being a part of it, it’s a big thing. It shows a lot about our owner. I give thanks to my owner. I tip my hat to my owner. He didn’t have to do it, but he actually did. That shows you how much love he has for people in general.”
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CAMERON WOLFE – 10/12/16
Denver Post Broncos reporter

“I think the Broncos are going to come with a lot of energy, a lot of anger and a lot of ferocity. I don’t think this is a game they’ll come in sleep-walking and get caught, especially since it’s a divisional opponent in their first division game.”
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MIKE LEACH – 10/13/16
Washington State head coach

“We had a lot of new faces we were plugging in. But the biggest thing was we played real hard, we played frantic. We’d run sometimes the wrong direction and stuff like that. We had good effort, but it was disjointed effort and not everybody doing their job. If you can get everybody to engage in each individual play, then you get the most of it. It’s not necessarily going to be perfect, but everybody going cohesively together, I think that’s huge.”
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RICK TELANDER – 10/13/16
Chicago Sun-Times columnist

“They don’t have Aroldis Chapman. The Cubs went out and bought a guy, rented a closer for the year. They won’t have him back next year, but the guy throws 103, 104 mile per hour – and routinely 101 and 102 – and they got him. The Giants just don’t have that. They knew that was a weakness, and that’s how they lost.”
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