JAMIE DUKES – 10/17/16
NFL Network analyst

“That was simply, ‘Hey, look, things are going too good. Don’t infuse yourself in the situation. Just wait it out. I know it’s your job, don’t rush back. If you come back and you force your way back and you rush this thing, now you’re going to have a (problem).’ The fans, from what I’m hearing, have moved on from Tony Romo. They have moved on.”
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MARC CARIG – 10/17/16
Newsday MLB writer

“I hope this is something we see in the regular season more often. Andrew Miller is a freak and kind of an exception, but I like the overall idea of acknowledging that sometimes the most important outs in a game aren’t the final three. Sometimes it’s with the guys on base in the seventh inning where the tying run is at the plate and this become urgent. Sometimes those are much more important outs than a clean inning in the ninth.”
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RANDY KERDOON – 10/18/16
Los Angeles KNX sportscaster

“They haven’t done a thing since their catcher hit that grand-slam home run, that big five-run inning in Game 1. And the Dodgers – the team with so many pitchers that kind of perform from time to time – they have been a stone-cold lock in this series. So you watch this and it’s amazing to me that the Dodgers are pulling it off like this. But they have done one thing: they’ve kept every Cub who’s not named Kris Bryant off the base paths for the most part. Chicago only (had four) hits in (Game 3). It’s stunning to me that the Dodger pitchers have come through.”
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JOE REINAGEL – 10/18/16
San Antonio KENS sportscaster

“He’s going to make $22 million in the final year of his contract. Then it makes a little more sense. But right now, it’s just an absolute falsehood. I don’t know what to say. When I saw this today, (I thought), ‘You got to be kidding me.’ It’s unreal.”
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WFAN Jets reporter

“Things have gone horribly wrong on offense. It’s not just Fitzpatrick, but he’s been at the forefront of it. The turnovers have been horrendous, they’re not even scoring points, they’ve scored two legitimate offensive touchdowns in the last four games – something had to be done, and more often than not when that’s the case, it’s a quarterback change that’s going to take place. I don’t expect Geno to go in there and light the world on fire. But just for the sake of making a change and trying to light a spark, I’m not really surprised they made a move.”
Entire Story

BILL HUBER – 10/19/16
Packers reporter

“There are people questioning whether Rodgers is ever going to get this turned around. Everybody in the world has a theory on what’s wrong with the guy. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, to be honest with you, but the fans are worried and there’s a lot of finger-pointing at Mike McCarthy about whether it’s his scheme or he’s lost this touch with quarterbacks or if the quarterback has tuned him out and is just doing his own thing or if the receivers stink and that’s why Rodgers isn’t any good. But something is clearly wrong with a guy who, a couple years ago, was No. 3 all time in completion percentage. He came into last week’s game ranked 31st in the league. It’s not that he’s mediocre; it’s that he’s bad.”
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GARY PARRISH – 10/20/16
CBSSports.com college basketball writer

“You got to be able to operate in the gray areas – and sometimes even the dark areas – to succeed and flourish at the high level. Not everybody, but lots of people. Even (those coaches) say this is bananas. The idea that a staff member would be bringing prostitutes on campus into a dorm is next-level stuff.”
Entire Story

GARY MYERS – 10/20/16
New York Daily News reporter

“Remember last year he got the suspension overturned one week before the season-opener, and the Patriots won their first 10 games. Brady had 25 touchdowns and I think it was four interceptions in those 10 games. I would really expect they’re going to be on a very similar run. They might just run the table the rest of the season. I don’t know anybody that’s going to be able to beat them.”
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