After missing the first four games of the season due to suspension, Tom Brady has looked unbeatable in each of his first two starts. He’s thrown for 782 yards and six touchdowns in blowout wins over Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Brady can go 3-0 against the AFC North this Sunday in Pittsburgh.

“He came back with a huge chip on his shoulder and every time he looks out at the defense, he sees 11 Roger Goodells – or maybe six Goodells and five Ted Wellses – and he’s just looking to rip them apart,” New York Daily News writer Gary Myers said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Remember last year he got the suspension overturned one week before the season-opener, and the Patriots won their first 10 games. Brady had 25 touchdowns and I think it was four interceptions in those 10 games. I would really expect they’re going to be on a very similar run. They might just run the table the rest of the season. I don’t know anybody that’s going to be able to beat them.”

The Steelers (4-2), of course, will be playing without Ben Roethlisberger, who is recovering from a torn meniscus.

“I think the Patriots would have beaten Pittsburgh on the road even if Roethlisberger had played, and now I have no doubt that they’ll beat them,” Myers said. “Look around the AFC. What team is really going to challenge them to get to the Super Bowl? There really is nobody.”

In the NFC, meanwhile, Giants kicker Josh Brown will not travel with the team to London, this after police documents were released in which Brown admitted to abusing his ex-wife numerous times.

That Brown, 37, still has an NFL job is stunning.

“The arrest came in May of 2015,” Myers said. “I just want to give the Giants the benefit of the doubt on this one – although I’m not sure they’d deserve it – and say that would be the first time they ever knew about any of this. Even though certainly there appeared to have been incidents before then, the Gaints would have had no reason to know about it because there hadn’t been any prior arrests or really any information out there. But just the very fact that he got arrested for this two months before training camp in 2015, and he’s a kicker – those guys are easily replaceable. I don’t know why they chose to keep him. So then he has a Pro Bowl season . . . and they go ahead and sign him to a new contract when they had a chance to divorce themselves from him. Then Goodell suspends the guy for a game in August and the Giants’ response to that should have been to cut him right then. Why do they need this guy staining their reputation? He’s a kicker, for God’s sakes.”

The Giants (3-3), who signed Robbie Gould, play the Rams (3-3) in London this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. ET.


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