DANNY KNOBLER – 10/24/16
Bleacher Report MLB writer

“The Cubs had an outstanding season. They were better than everybody this year. The Indians had a very, very good season. If they had the pitching, and I know they put (Danny) Salazar back on the roster, but if they had their rotation the way it was supposed to be, I think you give them a bigger chance. They have a chance, but things are going to have to go right for them. The danger I see is that because they did so well in the ALCS, they got a lot of time off. A team that was really going and had the momentum going for them in the first two rounds of the playoffs, I don’t think that much time off is great for them. I won’t be shocked if they win, but when I had to put together a pick, that’s one of the reasons I picked the Cubs.”
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Broncos safety 

“That’s our job, and we did a good job today. It was Monday night, prime time, in front of our fans. So we had to put on a show for them. We felt like the first two stops were good. Our offense, once they got things going, we just took off from there.”
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TED JOHNSON – 10/25/16
Houston 610AM host

“So the pressure was on. They had to do something to appease Bob McNair and this fan base. As far as free-agent quarterbacks go, you have to admit it’s very rare that a guy who’s a second-round pick, been in a system for three years and appears to be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning would leave. It was a drastic move with only seven games of film, and the fact that they never really got to look the guy in the eye before they signed him because of the rules – it was a very risky proposition. So there was a lot of risk involved without really knowing what you’re getting. Right now, the Texans are paying for it.”
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SiriusXM NBA Radio host

“He would always say I’m worried these guys make it less of a game and more of a show. (Tuesday was) more of the show for them. Being the greatest show on earth right now and the team everybody wants to see and the big villain is only going to make them want to make it more of a show, and that may be the larger issue for them as this season plays out and you get into the playoffs. The regular season is going to be fine; the playoffs are going to be a different story.”
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ANDY BITTER – 10/26/16
Roanoke Times Virginia Tech writer

“They have a young quarterback that I think Bud Foster can do a number on. Georgia Tech has had its struggles trying to get back to what it was a couple years ago, Notre Dame obviously isn’t quite what it was and then Virignia at the very end, I think that’s a team that might be 2-9 or something coming into the game. If the Hokies can get by this one, I think the schedule sets up very well that they may be able to run the table after that and actually win this division.”
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JIM WYATT – 10/26/16
Titans Online reporter

“He’s on pace for over 1,400 yards, he leads the team in receptions, he’s been good from the get go and likes to play and wants to be in the game at crunch time. Derrick Henry has a promising future. When he’s played, he’s looked good, and I think at some point this season he’s going to help them. But Murray has been the star here, and he’s kind of set a tone here for the way he works, the way he handles himself in the locker room, kind of his no-nonsense approach. They were lucky to get him.”
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FoxSports.com NFL writer

“They tried to establish this six-game suspension thing with domestic violence and it hasn’t been used yet. They gave Josh Brown one game and now he’s on the exempt list and cut by the Giants. He hasn’t done much right. I think he even came out (Thursday) and said they’ve taken huge steps in that department. I don’t understand how he can say that. . . . It’s a weekly basis where players are coming out and ripping him. Richard Sherman does it a lot. He has a thing with the Players’ Tribune and he come out all the time and just lays into him.”
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JON SOLOMON – 10/27/16
CBSSports.com college football writer

“It would be such a Charlie Strong type win when you think he’s totally down and out, he pulls one out. I’m not sure really how good Baylor really is. So it wouldn’t shock me if Texas wins this week, but I don’t know how Strong ends up saving himself unless he goes on some incredible run here.”
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