BEN VOLIN – 10/31/16
Boston Globe NFL writer

“This guy, I still think, is going to cash in on free agency, whether it’s with the Browns or someone else. Rushing the passer, covering running backs, he’s fast, 250 pounds – he’s a hybrid, modern-day NFL linebacker. But just not the most consistent player and his head kind of gets in the way and (he) just didn’t fit in with what the Patriots are trying to do here. It’s definitely Bill Belichick’s way or the highway. Like many, many players before him, they sent Jamie Collins packing.”
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JOHN HARPER – 10/31/16
New York Daily News writer

“This Kyle Schwarber story is a great story. They feel a lot better with him in the lineup. He’s still got to have some rust, but he’s proven he can come back and do this. They love having him in there as the DH. It makes them better offensively. That’s really been their biggest issue. Even the other night, they only had the one inning.”
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TEREZ PAYLOR – 11/1/16
Kansas City Star Chiefs writer

“I don’t know that. But that’s what I imagine they should do or would do. We’re going to have to see. But if you’re asking me who I would bet on starting Sunday, I’d put money on Foles.”
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VIC TAFUR – 11/1/16
San Francisco Chronicle Raiders writer

“It helps that they beat the Broncos last year in Denver, so they know they can do it. I think it’s just a matter of Khalil Mack (being a difference-maker). He gets pressure, and if guys follow him, they’ll have a chance to win this game Sunday.”
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Former NFL TE and Bucs pre and post game host

“I didn’t want to write too many bad things about my team because it was annoying watching (Derek Carr light us up). Listen, the Bucs lacked an interior pressure in his face. Every time he threw the ball, it was like a statue. His arm would be in a position where you could have froze him in time because it was a perfect follow-through. He never got touched. He’s a special quarterback. I was impressed. You see him live, and it’s a little different. Not that our defense is a defense where you’re judging how good a quarterback is, but anybody that throws for 500 yards (and has good) ball placement – heck, his receivers dropped a couple of those (deep passes) that would have been even more yards. He might have broke the all-time passing record in that game had a few balls been caught. He’s impressive. We didn’t have good quarterback play on our side, and defensively, we just couldn’t get pressure in his face.”
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BRIAN MURPHY – 11/2/16
St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist

“It came to a head where I think Shurmur’s influence and Zimmer’s desire to kind of steer the offense more toward that, it was a clash of styles and philosophies. Norv Turner, who’s 64 years old, I think he saw a situation where they weren’t going to do things his way anymore, and he wanted out.”
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Falcons WR

“Every day is a game in the Atlanta Falcons facility. We’re a brotherhood and we harp on that, to make a big play for our brothers. We’re doing pretty good right now.”
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Actor and director

“In the winter time, we’d come home drunk and check the doors (at Wrigley), and once it was open and we went in and ran the bases and we went into the dugouts and we talked to each other on the phones. They were was nobody there. It was amazing.”
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