Tim Brando believes that the College Football Playoff committee selected the four best teams for the playoff, but he sees problems on the horizon.

Big problems.

“They got the four in that they needed to get,” the Fox Sports college football broadcaster said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “But I’m going to tell you now: The committee and college football’s governing bodies – the commissioners of these conferences – had better get together soon and go to at least six teams, rather than four, or they’re going to suffer tremendous embarrassment when a couple of upsets in that final weekend take place. Because there’s incredible inconsistencies now with the decisions made in the past versus the decisions made in the present. I can point out to you what happened to TCU and Baylor in (2014) when they were told that Ohio State, by virtue of beating Wisconsin 59-0, was enough for them to jump three spots, and the answer was, ‘Well, you didn’t have the 13th data point.’ So now the Big 12 is going to change and have a championship game in Arlington beginning next year, but guess what? Ohio State didn’t have a 13th data point. Didn’t keep them out of it, did it? So there are all these inconsistencies that are there. They’re going to have to change this. Otherwise they’re going to be really embarrassed – because a couple of teams that really ought to be in (won’t be).”

Brando believes the playoff should expand to eight teams but that six is more likely.

“I think eight would be better,” he said, “but history will always tell you in intercollegiate athletics nothing that’s progressive ever happens. It’s always reactive; it’s never proactive. We’re going to go to six before we go to eight. But to your point, if we did have six, then maybe some of these teams that are playing their best and evolve after early season losses (would get in). I think they got it right, but what I’m saying to you is they’re dangerously close to embarrassing themselves if they stay with four. The reason is we’re too balanced in college football right now. The landscape is too evened out. Alabama is by half a football field – on paper and with the eye test – better than everybody else this year. I’ll agree to that. But we could debate 2 through 10 until the cows come home. So the best thing to do is eliminate the future embarrassment and allow for teams that win their conferences to get in or teams that have evolved after embarrassing losses early and we’ve seen them get better through the course of the season to also get in. We’ve got to allow for more access to the College Football Playoff.”


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