TIM BRANDO – 12/5/16
Fox Sports college football broadcaster

“But I’m going to tell you now: The committee and college football’s governing bodies – the commissioners of these conferences – had better get together soon and go to at least six teams, rather than four, or they’re going to suffer tremendous embarrassment when a couple of upsets in that final weekend take place. Because there’s incredible inconsistencies now with the decisions made in the past versus the decisions made in the present. I can point out to you what happened to TCU and Baylor in (2014) when they were told that Ohio State, by virtue of beating Wisconsin 59-0, was enough for them to jump three spots, and the answer was, ‘Well, you didn’t have the 13th data point.’ So now the Big 12 is going to change and have a championship game in Arlington beginning next year, but guess what? Ohio State didn’t have a 13th data point. Didn’t keep them out of it, did it? So there are all these inconsistencies that are there. They’re going to have to change this. Otherwise they’re going to be really embarrassed – because a couple of teams that really ought to be in (won’t be).”
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JEREMY CONN – 12/5/16
Baltimore’s The Fan afternoon host

“They hang out off the field and it’s been a target that he’s trusted in the past. To have him back earlier this year, we were kind of shocked. We thought his career was over with, but he definitely showed up yesterday. They don’t have any special players at this point in their career. Steve Smith is a Hall of Famer in my opinion, and watching him play has been a blast here in Baltimore. But there’s not necessarily a guy that they’re going to go to or rely on in every situation. They do have good players kind of across the board, so it should be able to give them some mismatches in week-to-week games and hopefully exploit them. This week, it appeared to be Pitta.”
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KEN DALEY – 12/6/16
NOLA.com criminal court reporter

“Most of the nine shells that were recovered, they were all from Cardell Hayes’ weapon. One of those shells found its way into the front seat of Will Smith’s car. That indicates that Cardell Hayes was close enough when he was shooting that one of the cartridges actually ejected into Will Smith’s car. So it was what the prosecutors termed an execution on the street. The defense is still trying to get jurors to consider another possibility.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 12/6/16
Bleacher Report MLB senior writer

“The White Sox didn’t want to move Sale then, but Dave Dombrokwski saw Sale pitch many times against his Tigers. Dombrowski checked in with the White Sox a year ago and they talked a little bit. Then they talked again at the trade deadline, and then they resumed it at the general manager meetings last month in Arizona, and then this time around they started talking Friday night. (They) pulled the trigger (Tuesday).”
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Creighton head coach

“Having come from the Missouri Valley, I know how hard it is to play at Indiana State. Greg Lansing is a heck of a basketball coach, and they’re very passionate about their basketball there. So that’s a difficult environment to go in and win, much like the one we went into tonight.”
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SWEENY MURTI – 12/7/16
WFAN Yankees insider

“This is kind of what the Yankees were looking for. There was some division in the front office as to whether or not they should have traded him in July. The argument at the time was, ‘Listen, this is what we can get back for him’ – and it was a great haul – ‘and if we want him back, we can resign him.’ That’s exactly what they did.”
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HoopsCritic.com and SiriusXM NBA Radio host

“Melo is not a fan of him. I know that they like to float that Melo loves Phil. Melo doesn’t love Phil. Melo loves New York. Melo’s family is settled in New York, he loves playing for the Knicks, he loves the city, he doesn’t want to pull his kids from school, it’s a place where he’s comfortable, and he feels like ‘It’s New York. Let’s take a run at it and see what we can do. Phil Jackson’s who they gave me. Phil Jackson’s who I’ll deal with.’ But Phil has this terrible need to speak publicly to hear the sound of his own voice.”
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CHRIS JONES – 12/8/16
Chiefs defensive lineman

“We knew they had a very explosive offensive line. He has the fewest sacks in the league, and we just wanted to affect him. If it’s not a hit, get a hand in his face; if it’s not a hand in his face, jump up high and try to tip the ball. Whatever we can do to affect the quarterback.”
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