Everything seemed good in the city of brotherly love four weeks into the NFL season. The Eagles were 3-0 heading into their bye week and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz was drawing comparisons to everyone from Aaron Rodgers to Peyton Manning. Since then, well, things have taken quite the downturn.

The Birds are 2-8 in their last ten games and have lost four straight heading into their Week 15 match-up with the Baltimore Ravens in M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. Their hopes of making the playoffs are slim-to-none. So, despite there still being three games left, is this season basically over for the Eagles?

“They’re beyond toast. Two games ago, you had their starting tight end Zach Ertz running away from Vontaze Burfict as his quarterback was scrambling for the sidelines. The team is beyond done, it’s beyond quit,” said Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist Marcus Hayes on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall On The Bench show. “I just don’t think there’s anybody on the club who’s got the kind of chutzpah it takes to help them get through the last three or four games when they’re meaningless and play efficient football. They don’t have that type of leader on their team and they have to find it if they’re ever going to get better, if they’re ever going to be what Baltimore has been over the last seven or eight years since Harbaugh got there. They need that kind of guy and they’re growing into it perhaps but I don’t know that they’re going to have a chance and I don’t see them having any chance this weekend with a cornered and hungry, homestanding Ravens team.”


Wentz, for all his struggles, still offers Philly fans hope for the future of the franchise as he has shown flashes throughout the year. For Hayes, Wentz actually reminds him of the QB that the Eagles will face this upcoming weekend in Baltimore, Joe Flacco.

“You know who he reminds you of a lot, and we were fortunate we got to see the Ravens and Flacco come in for training camp two years ago and we got to see Flacco throw 150-200 throws over two or three days, that’s who he reminds you of,” said Hayes. “A thicker, not quite as tall version of Flacco and he’s a little bit more athletic. That’s who he reminds me of more so than Big Ben, more so than Donovan McNabb. He’s very Flacco like in that he’s an arm first. He’s got a really strong powerful arm and he understands how to play football and he understands offense. All that said, it’s going to be tough for him these last three games. There’s a sentiment here, why start him, he’s just going to get beat up. Maybe you should bench him for the last three games out of self-preservation.”


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