The Seattle Seahawks are coming off of a humiliating 38-10 loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers last Sunday in Lambeau Field. That loss was their second in three weeks, both coming on the road away from CenturyLink Field. Everyone is aware of the home field advantage that CenturyLink seems to give the team, but there has been a stark difference this year between the teams’ play at home and on the road. At home, the Seahawks are 6-0, on the road, they are 2-4-1 this season.

“They have become a different team thisĀ  season, not like in previous years where they’ve been okay on the road and at least consistent. They are really inconsistent especially offensively,” said Tacoma News-Tribune Seahawks writer Gregg Bell on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “They’ve scored 15 points in their last two road games at Tampa Bay and at Green Bay and then they beat Carolina 40-7 at home.”


“They’ve got talent the Seahawks do, but they’re not as good as they think they are,” said Bell. “They’re not as consistent or as deep especially on the line of scrimmage as they’ve been in previous years, but, it’s all still there for them. If they win Thursday night, they win the West. If they can win these last three games against these lowly division opponents who are all struggling and if Detroit can’t beat the Giants, Cowboys on the road and then at home against Green Bay, if one of those games is a Lions loss then the Seahawks will have the number two seed in the playoffs and all will be well. They aren’t as consistent especially offensively, yet they could still have the best case scenario of a first round by after all.”

One of the biggest reasons for the inconsistency on offense this season has been the play of quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson has battled through injuries all season, and he hasn’t put together the same kind of performances we’re used to seeing from the fifth-year man.

“This is the first season that he’s been hurt and it’s the first season he’s played through injuries,” said Bell. “His offensive line got him hurt in September–a high ankle sprain on one leg, a sprained MCL in the knee on the other leg–and he’s just now getting back from that. He’s about three weeks back to his full health, but I think there’s a latent effect, a carryover effect, of all the hits and all the pressure he’s had over the last three or four years. Even when the Seahawks went to Super Bowls and won one, they didn’t have the greatest offensive line it was just that Wilson was elusive and healthy enough to get away from pressure and make something out of nothing on the improvisational plays that made his offensive line look a little better than it probably really was.”

“This year it’s caught up to him and caught up to the Seahawks offense. The passes down the field have been a problem. They succeeded last year as he became the first 4,000 yard passer in Seahawks history at the end of last season because of quick-strike passes, out on time, one or two step throws, short routes, yards after catches which is something they’ve gotten away from lately and something they have not succeeded in. Teams know this and Tampa was a great example, they played bump coverage and they got after him with the pass rush and the Seahawks went absolutely nowhere offensively. If a team has corners that are aggressive and get in the Seahawks’ receivers faces and don’t let them have open routes in the short game, the Seahawks passing game is in trouble.”


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