In October, linebacker Kyle Van Noy was traded from the Lions to the Patriots, which means he is now teammates with Tom Brady.

Van Noy is okay with.

“He’s just got this unbelievable passion for the game,” Van Noy said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “It doesn’t get talked about, but I’d say it’s probably the closest thing to Michael Jordan. That’s just that will to win. He’s got that. It’s crazy to see everyday, his work ethic and his passion for the game.”

Brady welcomed Van Noy to the team the only way he knew how: by beating him in pass coverage during practice.

“I couldn’t believe he got this pass in,” Van Noy said. “I took James White on a wheel route the first week at practice. I was literally stride for stride with him, and there’s no way this ball could fit in to him.”

It did.

“It went right whizzing by my head and into James White’s hands,” Van Noy recalled. “I tried to knock the ball out and it just got in there. He just smiled at me like, ‘Yo, you’re new.’ I was mad, but at the same time, only he could do that. His whole career has just been remarkable and he’s got that passion and that will to win.”

Brady and the Patriots (14-2) hope to win Saturday night. They host the Texans at Gillette Stadium at 8:15 p.m. ET.

New England blanked Houston 27-0 in Week 3.

“I have a lot of respect for Matt Patricia,” Van Noy said of New England’s defensive coordinator. “He calls a great game. He gets us in the right calls at the right time and he’s a difference-maker. He’s smart, he’s intelligent and he gets us motivated to play each week and be the best that we can. He uses every single one of us. Hats off to him to always calling a great game and getting us ready and the players just executing it. We have great players.”


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