Dan Sileo didn’t like Dean Spanos before Thursday’s announcement that the Chargers were relocating from San Diego to Los Angeles, but now he really doesn’t like him.

“Just look at the record,” San Diego’s 1090 AM morning host said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Twelve winning years in 34 years he’s owned the team, six postseason wins – the dude is the most inept owner I’ve seen since Hugh Culverhouse. The only thing you don’t have on this dude is the scarlet ‘R’ for racist on him. He’s one of the worst owners I’ve ever seen. All you need to know about the guy is he fired a 14-2 Marty Schottenheimer and he stuck us with a guy like Mike McCoy, who had nine wins in two years. You talk about a guy who struggles on just crossing t’s and dotting i’s. He can’t even make a simple decision on that on what’s best for the team on the field. Off the field, what has he done? All of a sudden I’m going to believe that he’s going to wake up one morning and he’s going to turn into Warren Buffet and he’s going to turn the Chargers into a success in L.A. just because he’s in L.A.? The guy’s one of the worst owners I’ve ever seen in pro football history. Every player that’s ever played for him hates him.”

The NFL, meanwhile, is moving a team to Los Angeles for the second time in as many offseasons.

“You got to love the NFL,” Sileo said. “They go in and they just tar and feathered St. Louis, now they’re on the verge of doing it to Oakland, and now they’ve done it already to San Diego. Three United States cities that they have just absolutely destroyed so that they can put two teams in Los Angeles, (which has) already lost three teams before. And you go into an unproven market in Vegas? Holy cow, way to go, NFL. You got to love the league, man. It’s all about today. It’s not about protecting the shield. It’s about today and the shield. . . . The NFL has the dollars, they have the power and the marketing and they’re going to move that team wherever they think best fits the league, not best fits a community.”

The Chargers went 5-11 this season. They have made the playoffs just once in the last seven years.


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