Travis Kelce ripped the officiating following Kansas City’s 18-16 home playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, saying that one ref in particular “shouldn’t even be able to work at (expletive) Foot Locker.”

“(Kelce is) going to get a hefty fine,” NFL writer Cameron DaSilva said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I don’t remember who it was earlier this year, but they called out the officials – it might have been Josh Norman – he got a big fine for that. But yeah, Kelce can expect a letter coming his way.”

Kelce’s anger stemmed from a holding call on Eric Fisher during a two-point conversion with less than three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Kansas City would have tied the game on that play, but Fisher’s hold on James Harrison nullified the conversion. Kansas City’s second attempt – from the 12-yard line – was unsuccessful.

“I’ve seen worse called and worse not called,” DaSilva said. “It definitely was a hold, but whether they should have called it, that’s up for debate. I think I probably would have called it just because of the context of the game and when it happened. But I’ve seen worse not get called.”

Still, it seems clear that Fisher held Harrison – and if he didn’t, Harrison likely would have unloaded on Alex Smith.

“If that’s a hold, you got to call it and it definitely was,” DaSilva said. “You can’t take the situation of the game into account and think that you’re just going to be able to play through everything. If they call it in the first quarter, they got to call it in the fourth quarter, too.”

Overall, both DaSilva and Scott Ferrall were unimpressed with the officiating this past weekend.

“Yeah, I don’t think (the games) were officiated very well at all,” DaSilva said. “That Green Bay game with Brice Butler in the huddle, I’ve never in my life heard that penalty called before – nor have a lot of people. So that was kind of shocking, especially when it really wasn’t even a huddle. It was kind of a weird call, but it is what it is.”


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