The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls in the last decade, beating the New England Patriots both times. The 2007 team gets a lot of love for beating the previously unbeaten Patriots, but the 2011 team was pretty good, too. 

“It was such a great group of guys,” former Giants punter Steve Weatherford said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “If you look at the talent that we had on paper, though, it really wasn’t that impressive. We played teams that, on paper statistically, (were better than us). We really weren’t that talented; we just played really, really well together, and Tom Coughlin did an incredible job of coming up with game plans not that he thought were good for the team that we were playing, but a good game plan to maximize the strengths we had as a team – because we weren’t a very fast team. We were great tacklers and we had a really stout offensive line and defensive line. We played power football, and that set up Eli Manning for a lot of great play-action passes. I think that season Eli ended up having an NFL record for most come-from-behind victories. Then we snuck into the playoffs at 9-7.”

The rest is history. 

“I’m a very firm believer when it comes to NFL playoff football you can throw the records out the window,” Weatherford said. “It’s who’s playing their best football on that Sunday. You can go 18-0 and get to the Super Bowl and somebody’s got your number. So it’s an exciting time because it’s win or go home. It’s kind of like March Madness except the players are a whole lot bigger, faster and stronger than the guys playing college basketball.”

Weatherford believes that the Patriots will beat the Falcons in Super Bowl LI this Sunday. 

“You can pull for the other team, but Tom Brady, he’s going to do it,” Weatherford said. “He’s going to solidify himself as the best football player of all time and obviously the best quarterback of all time. Four of five years ago, I would have debated that, but he’s just shown too much consistency and success over his career and how many playoff appearances he has and now he’s going to get the fifth ring to prove it and solidify it. He knows how to win.”


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