Jeffrey Loria reportedly has a handshake deal to sell the Miami Marlins to Charles Kushner for $1.6 billion, but that number seems a bit high. 

In fact, it seems very high.

“Well, Forbes had reported several months ago that they were loading a price around there somewhere, and I guess that there’s even some sort of business dealing with Jeffrey Loria and the Kushners before,” Miami’s WQAM afternoon host Marc Hochman said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I don’t know if I believe – what is it, $1.6 billon? – the reported handshake deal, but it’s almost like you go to a retailer and they have a shirt that’s $109 but you buy one and get one free, but the shirt really was always $60 or whatever it was. I think Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins organization is floating a large number out there. If they do due diligence, I would imagine that they’ll find the team isn’t worth anywhere near a multiple like $1.6 billion. But even if he gets $800 million for the team, Loria bought into MLB with the Expos. I think he paid $160 or $180 million, so his return – the guy made a hell of a business deal.”

Loria, 76, is considered by many one of the worst owners in baseball. 

“The consensus down here has always been as long as it’s not Jeffrey Loria with the Marlins, we’re good,” Hochman said. “All of a sudden the news comes out today and it’s the Kushners, and everyone – me included – is like, ‘Hold on a second here. Is it possible that this just got worse? It couldn’t be worse, could it?’”

Charles Kushner is the father of Jared Kushner, who is Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

“Look, Marlins fans will tell you up and down we need new ownership down here,” Hochman said. “I don’t want to judge the guy based on just his name, but I have read some stuff about him. This seems like such perfect Marlins/Jeffrey Loria maneuvering.”

Hochman would love for Mark Cuban to buy the Marlins, but he knows that’s unlikely. 

“Mark Cuban’s got a place on South Beach, and I’ve always held this pipe dream that Mark Cuban would one day buy the Marlins and we would have the complete opposite of Jeffrey Loria as an owner,” Hochman said. “But if it seems like it’s Kushner, it ain’t going to be Mark Cuban. It’ll be the next chapter in a very strange Marlins saga.”


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