There is a theory, at least among some Knicks fans, that the Charles Oakley/James Dolan drama was staged to distract people from the drama between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony.

“I do, as a storyteller, love that arc, but I do not buy that Oak is in cahoots with Dolan,” Showtime executive producer Brian Koppelman said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I think Oak has massive problems with Jim Dolan. As any sane person does, we all have massive problems with Jim Dolan. I know you know that I think Jim Dolan is like Fredo Corleone, only at least Fredo was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time. The man is incompetent.”


The Knicks (23-34) have just one playoff series win this century are closing in on their fifth straight losing season.

Koppelman, the co-creator of “Billions,” believes that Phil Jackson could save the franchise.

“Look, I love Phil Jackson,” Koppelman said. “I’m a believer in Phil Jackson. I know that’s now the counter argument, but the guy has more rings than he has fingers, and I just think Dolan makes it impossible. I do like the theory that it was a stunt, but the Garden is so leaky and bad that if it were a stunt, we would already know it.”

Koppelman believes the Knicks would be better off without Anthony in the long run, but Jackson needs to find a way to move him. That’s easier said than done.

“I think Phil is so smart,” Koppelman said. “I know Phil. I’ve spent time with him. I just think that he is much more plugged into how each of his players play, (their) strengths and weaknesses. But for me, I think Carmelo has been a negative on the team, and I think Dolan is the biggest net negative. Maybe if Phil could somehow clear Carmelo out, he’d have a chance to build something. But honestly, it’s so bad. It’s a pure guess. We are a cursed franchise at this point because we’re being run by a billionaire brat who didn’t earn his billion. Look at Buss in L.A. Those guys are just different than the guys who have bootstrapped themselves up and figured out how to put together enough (money) to buy a sports team on their own. So I got to point the finger at Dolan.”


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