Jason La Canfora has seen and read the reports that the Dallas Cowboys are going to release Tony Romo.

He just doesn’t believe them.

“I’m pretty plugged in with Tony,” the CBS Sports NFL insider said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I’ll put my record reporting Tony Romo stories against anybody’s. When Jason Garrett came out and said he’s going to be out day-to-day and we could see him by opening day, I put out within 30 seconds, ‘Oh, no, he’s going to miss 10 weeks.’ I haven’t been told by anybody – and there’s many people close to him that I trust – that Tony’s expecting anything or that Tony anticipates anything or Tony’s demanding anything. He has not sat down with Jerry Jones yet. He will between now and the Combine at the end of the month, and both sides know that he won’t be there.”


That, however, doesn’t mean the Cowboys can’t get value for Romo.

“Sam Bradford got traded for a first and a fourth,” La Canfora said. “Alex Smith got traded for two 2s at a point where everybody knew that Harbaugh was all-in on Kaepernick and Alex Smith was no longer going to be a starting quarterback. An aging and breaking down Brett Favre got traded for a third-round pick. If I’m supposed to believe right now with a quarter of the league needing a quarterback and supply not meeting demand and the Cowboys being in Super Bowl or bust mode and a third- or fourth-round pick possibly being a 10-year starter in the NFL, that they’re just going to (say), ‘Oh, yeah, let’s just cut Tony now when we don’t have to and we’re not in this super cap crunch and he’s not breaking our salary cap, but let’s just put him on the street now and help somebody else out’ – boy, I don’t know that it’s going to go that way.

“It only takes one team to make a trade,” La Canfora continued, “and if you have two teams interested, then you have a robust market. I think they can get a third or a fourth for Tony. And look, Tony is not trying to drive the thing. Tony is not trying to be a dictator. Tony has teams he’d rather be with than not. The four teams he’s most interested in are Houston, Kansas City, Denver and Arizona. It doesn’t meant hose are the only four teams he’ll end up with. There’s a lot that has to happen here before we get to a point that a trade is made, but I do believe there is very legitimate potential to at least get something of note for him.”

Romo, who turns 37 in April, has played in just five games since 2014.


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