Kirk Cousins has been franchise-tagged, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to play for Washington in 2017.

“I still think they will attempt to trade Kirk,” 106.7’s The Fan’s Redskins reporter Brian McNally said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “They will try to engage the market and see if they can get anything for him. They know by now if they can extend him, and if they think they can’t by the July 15 deadline, even before the draft they’re going to have to make that call and probably get whatever picks they can for him. Ultimately, I do think they’ll trade him. It may not be an imminent offing, but within the next months, I think they’ll make that decision.”

Cousins, of course, would like a long-term contract, and he has the talent to get one. This isn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is a guy who’s thrown for 9,000+ yards and combined for 63 touchdowns (54 pass, nine rush) to just 23 interceptions over the last two seasons.

Cousins, however, probably doesn’t like losing offensive coordinator Sean McVay. Nor does it help that DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are likely gone, too.

Redskins fans have to be irate.

“No question,” McNally said. “This is already a team that lost offensive coordinator Sean McVay, a rising star. He took the job in L.A. with the Rams. That was a little unexpected. Certainly people knew he wasn’t long for Washington because of how respected he is around the league, but I don’t think they anticipated him leaving this soon. So Sean’s gone. They promoted Matt Cavanaugh, who’s got a history as an offensive coordinator in the league and who has more recently been settled in as a quarterbacks coach in various places. He’s got a good working relationship with Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy, so that’s a good thing. Really, I think with McVay gone, Jon Gruden will take over the play-calling duties again. That’s how he made his name in Cincinnati. That’s what he’s good at. It’s what he’s probably looking forward to getting back to. He did it in his first year in Washington and then relinquished the duties when he realized it was a little bit too much for a first-year head coach.”

Calling plays – at least successful ones – won’t be easy without Jackson and Garcon, who will likely land elsewhere this offseason.

“Jackson will have a ton of interest, and I think Pierre will get more than people think on the open market,” McNally said. “I think you’re looking over $10 million for both players. With Jackson, it could be closer to 12. So if you’re the Redskins, you have to prepare to move on from those two guys. So no doubt, the Redskins losing those two guys, (they) would be hard-pressed to match offensively what they’ve done the last two years.”


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