Bellator heavyweight Matt Mitrione dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench to discuss MMA, as well as his  NFL career. Mitrione, 38, played for the Giants in 2002, had a cup of coffee with the 49ers in 2004 and played for the Vikings in 2005.

Mitrione enjoyed the NFL life, especially while he was teammates with Jeremy Shockey.

“In New York with Jeremy Shockey, how could I not? We went hard,” Mitrione said. “I probably tip it back maybe 30 days a year, tops. I’ve never done cocaine, but I’m a psychedelic guy, though.”



The former Purdue standout said his NFL career would have been longer if he hadn’t partied so hard.

“One-hundred percent,” Mitrione said. “I’m a genetic anomaly. I felt the stress from the NFL made me drink a lot more.”

Mitrione said he didn’t take a lot of pain-killers, but he did consume a lot of alcohol.

“I just drank,” he said. “I don’t go through pain. I didn’t have pain. It was the stress. I’m a bubble guy. I’m either No. 50 to 57, and then you’re not there.”

Mitrione tried his hand at MMA in 2009. He won his first five fights, including a 2010 TKO of Kimbo Slice, and is now 11-5.

“I whooped Kimbo’s ass,” Mitrione said.


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