With Tony Romo going into broadcasting – the former Cowboy will become the lead NFL analyst for CBS – the Houston Texans’ remain at a quarterback crossroads. They have a Super Bowl-caliber defense and Super Bowl-caliber offensive weapons. They just have no quarterback.

With Romo out of the picture, might Houston make a play for Jimmy Garoppolo?

“I think the Texans will make a renewed push for him now because of Romo’s decision,” Boston Globe sports columnist Jim McBride said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “They need a quarterback. I think he stays in New England. All my sources tell me that the Patriots love him. They’re loading up this year for another Super Bowl run. If something happens to Tom, they still can lean back on Garoppolo, so I think they like having that little insurance policy in place.”

That insurance policy, however, could end next year, when Garoppolo, 25, becomes an unrestricted free agent.

“The only way the Patriots can keep him then would be to sign him to a massive deal or franchise him – and that would be $22 million,” McBride said. “Then you’re talking about having a boatload of money locked up in two players, and only one can be on the field. But they think they have a really good team again. They’ve got protection at every position if someone gets hurt. By keeping Garoppolo, they’ve got that protection in case Tom gets hurt and the Super Bowl train doesn’t get derailed that much. Obviously there’s a significant drop-off in play between the two, but I think they’re very confident in this guy. They loved the way he performed during that short window, and they love the way he performs on the practice field, getting the scout team ready. So I don’t see him being moved. Every time I talk to my sources, they say they love this kid and they don’t want to see him go.”

The Browns, with two first-round picks in this year’s NFL Draft, were rumored to be in the mix for Garoppolo, but McBride doesn’t see it happening.

“They certainly have got the picks and the ammo to make the best offer, and now the Texans will, I think, come back into the picture,” he said. “But when all is said and done, I think both Brady and Garoppolo are on the field when training camp starts.”


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