For several months, Mitchell Trubisky has been touted as the top quarterback prospect in this year’s NFL Draft, and NFL Network analyst Adam Rank has no idea why. How is a guy with 13 college starts – who wasn’t even that great in those starts – supposedly in the mix for the No. 1 overall pick?

“You look at the quarterbacks who have been a one-year starter and how it translates to the NFL,” Rank said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench, “and outside of Cam Newton – who I think is a little bit of an anomaly because of the athletic prowess that he has, and plus, he did go down to the JC level and play a little bit as well, so I throw him out of the equation – but if you look at guys who are one-and-done starters at the quarterback position and go to the NFL, it just doesn’t work out. I think the most successful guy outside of Cam is Mark Sanchez.”

That’s right. Mark Sanchez. 

“These guys just don’t show up after one season and translate into NFL quarterbacks,” Rank said. “With Trubisky, we saw his act already in the Sun Bowl against Stanford when he was abused. He didn’t look great. He didn’t look like somebody who should be rumored to be the No. 1 pick in the draft.”

Trubisky was 23-of-38 for 280 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in a 25-23 loss to Stanford on Dec. 30.

“It’s been Myles Garrett for so long that I think reporters get bored,” Rank said. “(Reporters aren’t) hearing anything. (The Browns are) going to go with Myles Garrett, he’s going to be the first guy off the board, and then they’re going to see if they’re going to move up in the draft.”

But if the Browns move up from 12, Rank said, it should be to draft Deshaun Watson, not Mitchell Trubisky. 

Remember Watson? He’s the national champion and two-time Heisman finalist.

“Why aren’t you looking at Deshaun Watson?” Rank asked. “He played college football and he played at a high level. Like, were you not watching what he was doing against Alabama, which is pretty much an NFL team? He was abusing those guys. That’s the thing that drives me absolutely crazy. Trubisky’s stats, when he’s ahead, are great. He’s a total frontrunner. He gets into all-good mode and he dominates. Deshaun Watson gets better when his team is down and he’s got to rally them. Listen, I’m not an NFL evaluator. I don’t know what goes on in that room. But I have a hard time believing that Trubisky is going to be a better NFL quarterback that Deshaun Watson. I just can’t see it.”


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