Gisele Bundchen caused quite a stir Wednesday, saying that her husband, Tom Brady, suffered a concussion last season with the Patriots. If true, that information was never made public, and Brady did not miss any games last season due to injury.

That’s a problem – again, if true.

“The Gisele story definitely set the city on fire,” Boston Globe Patriots writer Jim McBride said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I had so many emails (Wednesday) telling me she shouldn’t have opened her mouth, she shouldn’t have said anything. Obviously that’s not an appropriate response. She was looking out for her husband, looking out for the father of her children.”



Still, we don’t know if Brady actually suffered a concussion.

“There’s no proof that he was (concussed) with the Patriots,” McBride said. “That’s kind of a three-pronged thing. The team’s got some responsibility, the player’s got some responsibility, the league’s got some responsibility. Maybe he came home and said, ‘I had a headache’ and she interpreted that as a concussion. Who knows? But I’m sure when he heard those comments himself, he was probably like, ‘Oh, boy, now I have to answer these.’”

Brady, who turns 40 in August, is coming off his fifth Super Bowl win – and fourth Super Bowl MVP. He is playing as well as ever, and there is talk that the Patriots could go 16-0 and win another Super Bowl this season.

McBride thinks the Patriots could absolutely win the Super Bowl, but he doesn’t think perfection is in the cards.

“I don’t think they can go 19-0 because of the schedule,” McBride said. “It’s backloaded with a lot of division games. We all know how tough they are. Facing the Dolphins twice in a three-week span, that’s going to be tough. I think the back-to-back games in the high altitude with Denver and then Mexico City against the Raiders – two quality opponents (will be tough). I suspect that they’ll probably stay in Denver for the week. I still think there’s going to be at least one pitfall along the way. I think most Patriots fans would want it that way after 2007 when the mission wasn’t accomplished.”


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