Ezekiel Elliott has generated a lot of headlines for his off-field behavior. Some of that, undoubtedly, is because of Elliott. Some of that, undoubtedly, is because he’s a Dallas Cowboy.

“It comes with the dinner here,” The Ticket in Dallas mid-day co-host Bob Sturm said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “If you’re going to be a Dallas Cowboys star, you should be prepared for all of your actions to be scrutinized, and every time you do something a little bit crazy, it’s going to not only be news; it’s going to be national, first-story-on-SportsCenter-caliber news, and you got to understand that. I think Dez has begun to understand that, but he’s been around like seven years now. Zeke is still just a baby.”



And, every so often, he acts like it.

“I’ve never seen him say no to anything,” Sturm said. “So if somebody says, ‘Hey, we got free tickets here’ or ‘We got a free room at this club’ or whatever, Zeke’s there. Zeke is not staying in his house. There’s no doubt about it. He likes being a star. He may not feel the same way when he’s 25 or 26 as he does when he’s 21 or 22, but for now, he’s going to enjoy all the proceeds of being Mr. Dallas Cowboy. I don’t know if that’s always great, but I do know on Sunday he brings it at an insane level.”

Elliott led the NFL in rushing as a rookie – by almost 300 yards. He rushed for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns and caught 32 balls for 363 yards and a score, as Dallas finished 13-3 – its best record since 2007.

“I was not in support of taking a running back at No. 4,” Sturm admitted. “I would have taken Jalen Ramsey, (who went fifth). If Joey Bosa would have (been) there, I would have done that. I would have tried to get a difference-maker on defense. They said, ‘No, this running back is that good.’ And so I said, ‘All right, let’s see what happens.'”

All-Pro domination. That’s what happened.

“After (one) season, you’d have to be insane to say that was a horrible pick,” Sturm said. “He is a difference-maker. And it looks like he might be – obviously Le’Veon Bell will have something to say about this – but he might already be the best running back in football. So that’s pretty insane. And honestly, when you’re that good, you’re willing to put up with a headache here or there that goes with it.”


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