The College Football Playoff committee unveiled its latest rankings Tuesday, and the top four was cause for controversy. Alabama (10-0) is No. 1, which most people can live with, but Clemson (9-1) is ranked second ahead of Miami (9-0), which is ranked third. Oklahoma (9-1), which has beaten three teams currently ranked in the top 13, is fourth, and undefeated Wisconsin (10-0) is fifth.


“I thought Miami might be 2. I was a little surprised they were behind Clemson,” USA Today college football writer George Schroeder said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “If I’m a Miami fan, I’m like, ‘Wait a second. We’re unbeaten. We just blew out Notre Dame and Clemson lost to Syracuse, and you’re basically just saying, Hey, the quarterback was hurt. We’re going to pretend like that never existed.’ I found things for three or four fan bases to get really upset about.”



On the bright side, none of it matters.

“None of it matters right now,” Schroeder said. “The committee insists they don’t matter. They insist they re-do these things every week. And the other part of it is – and this is the biggest part – there’s still three games for most of these teams to play. A lot of things can happen. And by the way, the committee is going to apply conference championships when it needs to break some ties if there are some ties to be broken. But they can’t do any of that until after the championships have been won. So it’s much ado abut nothing, but we do it every Tuesday night.”

Miami, of course, can secure its playoff spot with a home win against Virginia (6-4) this Saturday, a road win against Pitt (4-6) on Nov. 24, and an ACC Championship win over Clemson on Dec. 2.

Will the Hurricanes run the table?

“I think they’ll end up in Charlotte at 12-0 with a playoff berth on the line against Clemson,” Schroeder said, “but I’m not going to predict it’s going to be easy in both those games – just because we’ve seen for the majority of the season Miami has sort of found ways to win rather than just blowing people off the face of the earth. . . . I think (Miami/Clemson) will be a defensive battle. If all things are equal – and I’m not sure they are. I think Clemson’s defense is the best in the country. But if all things are equal, I think I like Clemson’s offense a little bit better than I like Miami’s. So if you’re trying to pin me down three weeks out, I guess I’d say I think Clemson would win it. But maybe that’s because they’re more of a known commodity and we’re still adjusting to the idea that The U might be back.”


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