And just like that, the Buffalo Bills have benched Tyrod Taylor for rookie Nathan Peterman.

Only no one knows how – or exactly why – this happened.

“It was a stunner today because just on Monday, Sean McDermott said that Tyrod Taylor was his guy,” Buffalo News Bills reporter Tim Graham said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “(He said the) same thing after Sunday’s annihilation against the New Orleans Saints. Nathan Peterman came in, made a couple of plays in front of about 10,000 fans, threw his first touchdown pass – no one really thought about it. The game was so out of hand.”



The Bills (5-4) lost 47-10 at home to the Saints, as Taylor finished 9-of-18 for 56 yards and an interception.

“It’s the (kind of) question that gets asked after a game like that,” Graham said. “It was the worst statistical game of (Taylor’s) career. So (McDermott is) asked about it after the game and he says, ‘Tyrod’s my quarterback.’ We come to the Monday news conference and he reiterates, ‘Tyrod’s my quarterback.’ Well, something happened (Tuesday), and I don’t know who got involved in the conversations. I don’t think that was necessarily an edict from ownership, but who knows? Maybe there’s a conversation in which the idea is floated, somebody gets the idea this is what management wants, and then today he shows up (Wednesday) and informs the players that they’re making a change and they’re going with Nathan Peterman.”

Peterman, a fifth-rounder out of Pitt, was 7-of-10 for 79 yards and a score in mop-up duty. Now he’s Buffalo’s starting quarterback – despite the fact that the Bills, as of now, are a playoff team. Yes, if the season ended today, they would play the Chiefs (6-3) in Kansas City in the Wild Card round.

“I’ve been trying to find an example that is similar to this,” Graham said, “of a team, especially with a winning record, benching a healthy quarterback for a rookie who will be making his (first) NFL (start) on the other side of the (country).”

The Bills play the Chargers (3-6) in Carson this Sunday at 4:05 p.m. ET.

“The Chargers are a sneaky team,” Graham said. “They’re not as bad as their record indicates. He’s going to be going in in a very difficult situation as a rookie quarterback. Fifth-round pick. Not a high pedigree. And a lot of people – fans, media, and even the players – are scratching their heads.”

  1. David says:

    What a tool. You obviously are like the rest of the national media who only watch highlights and read stats on Taylor and only see when he makes a good play. What you don’t see is the 75% of the time he misses wide open receivers and just checks down or scrambles, over or under throws his receivers and the flat out BAD decisions he makes. Highlights are exactly that, they are usually meant to show only the good, hence “high”. Try watching a whole game or two. You will see why this decision was made.

    The NFL defenses have figured him out. Stop the run and force Taylor to be a quarterback. When they do that, he fails miserably.

    Most true Bills fans see this as a good thing. After hearing from players, most players seem to think this is a good thing too, they just say it much more carefully so to not knock Taylor while supporting Peterman.

    I also find you “brothers” comments offensive. Fans and players don’t care what color his skin is, we just want to win, something at this point Peterman just might help us to do!

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