Actor Matt Jones dropped by Ferrall on the Bench to discuss his career, his new movie – A Bad Idea Gone Wrong – and his Chicago-sports fandom.

But wait. How does a California native become a Chicago-sports fan?

“My step-dad, who raised me, was a huge Cubs fan, so I became Chicago-sports-team aligned,” the 36-year-old Jones explained. “The Rams and Raiders left when I was 11, and I really cared about the teams, so I just swore them off for life and threw my allegiance to the Bears. I’ve just been a Bears fan for forever. It’s not an easy road, but I am a really big Bears fan.”



Indeed, the Bears, Scott Ferrall observed, have been more or less awful since the 1985 Super Bowl.

“No, no, no, we were pretty good for a while,” Jones said, reminding listeners of the 2006 run to the Super Bowl. “We had Urlacher. We just could never get a quarterback. You can’t take Rex Grossman to the Super Bowl. That was brutal.”

While the Bears have been bad for the last decade, Jones’ career has taken off. He has appeared in several films and television series, including Breaking Bad, where he played Badger, a drug dealer.

“It was really cool,” Jones said. “If I go into a crowded bar at night, someone eventually offers me drugs of some kind. I don’t really do that, but it’s available to me whenever I want. The kind of people that like that show are all over the place, so you never know. Sometimes it’s like an old grandma who comes up to you in a restaurant, and you never know. Everybody watched that show.”

Jones is incredibly excited about A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, a comedy that debuts Friday in theaters.

“It’s about me and this guy. We’re a couple of morons trying to rob a mansion, and we end up stuck inside,” Jones explained. “The whole movie is about us trying to break out of the mansion without setting the alarm off, and there’s somebody inside that we didn’t know was there. It’s a really great movie. It’s the kind of stuff that I want to do.”


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