Despite reports that Marvin Lewis would be let go at season’s end, the Cincinnati Bengals signed Lewis to a two-year contract Tuesday – and fans are not happy about it.

“(The Bengals) going to take a big hit on this one – and they already have,” Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals writer Jim Owczarski said on Ferrall on the Bench. “There’s definitely an exhausted fan base. They’ve seen this act play out – Act I, Act II – and they’re not ready for Act III. Fans are burning jerseys, fans are adopting new teams and going out and buying new NFL apparel. We’ve gotten emails about ‘I am not renewing my tickets.’



“So they’re taking this hit,” Owczarski continued. “I think they knew they were going to take it. And in the end, I think the family – at least Mike Brown – is going to say, ‘Well, we’ve won 11, 12 games with Marvin Lewis in the past, he will get us there again, and winning brings fans eventually.’ But this is not going over well in Cincinnati with the fan base. I think they were wanting change.”

Lewis, the second-longest-tenured coach in the NFL behind Bill Belichick, is 13-18-1 over the last two seasons. He’s also 0-7 in the playoffs.

Nevertheless, he is slated to return for his 16th and 17th seasons with he franchise.

“I’m speechless a little bit,” Owczarski said. “I just thought there was a real feeling that even Marvin was sort of done with Cincinnati, and you couldn’t have set it up for a better, cleaner break. The contract was expiring, you can kind of part ways after two losing seasons, and everybody, I think, could have saved face, if you will.”

In two years, maybe. But not now.

“All I can really think of is people really didn’t become available from the Bengals’ perspective,” Owczarski said. “What did we hear up until this? There’s going to be nine jobs open, 10 jobs open. Well, there’s only six. So maybe Marvin Lewis looked around and was like, ‘Where am I going to go if I’m not saying here?’ So I think it was one of those creature comforts: the Bengals and Mike Brown don’t like to change. Marvin’s very comfortable. The Bengals probably (said), ‘What are we going to get that’s better?’ And Marvin Lewis is looking around like, ‘Where am I going to go period if I’m not here?’ That’s the best I can do at this juncture.”

Comments (3)
  1. Marlon says:

    I think that it is a horrible day in the land of Bengaldom. Marvin Lewis has had 15 years to show what he is capable of and at this point it is on mediocracy. Marvin does not have the skill set to get the Bengal players head right to win the big games. He is just an average coach at best.

    I was looking for a change. I also, have vowed to not renew my season tickets because Marvin was retained as the head coach.

    Very disappointed

  2. Daklak Do says:

    I stopped renewing my season tickets last season and now I will not even go to Bengals game anymore until Marvin is gone. Mike Brown is so disrespectful toward Bengals fans and he is deserved an empty stadium in 2018.

  3. Marlon says:

    My problem is that in 15 years Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis could not figure things out, how will another 2 years be any different. “A snake is a snake is a snake”

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