Less than 48 hours later, Philly fans and media are still trying to make sense of what happened in Minneapolis on Sunday. The Nick Foles-led Eagles hung 41 on Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and the defense got the two stops it needed to thwart Tom Brady’s bid for a sixth Super Bowl title.

So, in review, Philadelphia beat Atlanta, Minnesota and New England – combined record: 36-12 – to win its first Super Bowl in franchise history.


“The Eagles really rode that underdog thing,” Philadelphia WIP host Big Daddy Graham said on Ferrall on the Bench. “The whole underdog thing was based on Carson Wentz getting hurt. It wasn’t a disrespect of the defense or the rest of the team; it was the fact that they were going from Wentz to Foles. But the defense in particular took that and ran with it and said, ‘Wait a minute. We can win no matter who’s quarterback. We have this unbelievable defense.’ At first I was going, ‘All right, enough’s enough.’ I know players are always looking for motivation. But they really bought into it.”



The only question is, will Eagles brass buy into Foles? The assumption is that Carson Wentz will start for Philly in Week 1, but will the Eagles part ways with Foles, who was named Super Bowl MVP after scoring four touchdowns (three pass, one receiving) on Sunday?

“I want to say Nick Foles is very happy and content where he is – and he is – and I think he’s fine going into next season already knowing he’s the backup again,” Graham said. “But you know and I know all these guys have an agent, and that agent starts whispering in their ear. That’s their job to say, ‘Hey, Foles, you’re 29. I think I can get a humongous paycheck for you if we play all this right.’ So I don’t know how it’s going to play out. Foles is under contract for next year, but who knows? I think Foles is here next year, and then we’ll take it from there. I think he’s satisfied.”

That’s not an act, either. While some quarterbacks will say one thing in public and another in private, Foles, Graham said, is as advertised.

“He’s this quiet, humble, aw-shucks kind of dude,” Graham said. “He really is that. And I think he’d be fine staying here. But like I said, they all have agents, and the job of an agent is to keep yammering away and saying, ‘You’re being disrespected. You need a lot more money than this. You out-performed your contract.’”

Whoever starts at quarterback, the Eagles will begin the 2018 season in a familiar spot: as underdogs. Las Vegas has installed the Patriots as favorites to win the Super Bowl next year.

“That suits Eagle fans and the Eagles just fine,” Graham said, amused. “We’re all thrilled that Vegas has got New England as the odds-on favorite.”


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