Ferrall on the Bench

Ferrall on the Bench

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  • Tuesday, July 28th
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on countries having the olympics

    Every city that have the Olympics have empty stadiums that never get used again. People don’t even realize it.
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on Shane Victorino

    The Red Sox traded away Shane Victorino to the Angels, Ferrall thinks he simply isn’t that good anymore.
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on A-Rod

    Ferrall thinks there is no way that A-Rod is cheating
  • 07-27-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Nando Di Fino Interview

    SIRIUSXM &'s Nando Di Fino joined Scott to talk everything MLB
  • 07-27-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Matt Barrows Interviews

    Sacramento Bee 49ers Writer Matt Barrows joined Scott to talk 49ers & their Bizzare Offseason
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on the San Francisco Giants

    As good as the San Francisco Giants have been the past few years, Ferrall can’t understand why they don’t get more attention
  • Saturday, July 25th
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on Hulk Hogan's racist comments

    When it comes to Racism and Hulk Hogan’s recent comments you truly show who you are when the cameras aren’t rolling
  • 07-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Doug Lesmerises Interview

    Northeast Ohio Media Group OSU Writer Doug Lesmerises joins Scott to talk the latest Ohio State Headlines
  • 07-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Daniel Sunjata Interview

    The Very Talented Actor Daniel Sunjata joins Scott to talk about everything Season 3 Graceland
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on MLB Executives

    When it comes to executives in the MLB, not a lot of people know who they are, plain and simple.
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on offensive comments

    Ferrall is disgusted when people say offensive things and get raises for it
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on his reputation

    Ferrall does not think he is a bad guy, he just tells it like it is.
  • Friday, July 24th
  • 07-23-15- Ferrall on the Greatness of Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods Greatness is unmatched.
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Tiger Woods

    Ferrall is not trying to be mean, but he has friends that are better Golfers than Tiger woods right now.
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Athletes being Sports Heroes

    07-23-14 - Ferrall knows the reality is Athletes are Sports Heroes for Kids
  • 07-23-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Kevin Eschenfelder Interview

    Root Sports Houston Anchor Kevin Eschenfelder talks with Scott about the biggest MLB Trade on Thursday, the Houston Astros getting Pitcher Scott Kazmir.
  • 07-23-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Cedric Golden Interview

    Austin American-Statesman Sports Columnist Cedric Golden talks the latest on the Texas Longhorns with Scott
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Roger Goodell

    Ferrall says plain and simply NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not going away
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on Alabama Football

    Say what you want about Nick Saban, Ferrall believes Alabama has the best College Football Program in the country
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on South Carolina

    Ferrall believes the reality is South Carolina as a Football Program is good, but they never win anything big.
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall On College Football

    College Football is tough everywhere, not just in the SEC
  • 07-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Dennis Dodd Interview College Football Senior Columnist Dennis Dodd talks Steve Spurrier, SEC & all other College Football Headlines with Scott
  • 07-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Brian Cushing Interview

    Houston Texans Pro Bowl Linebacker Brian Cushing joined Scott to talk about their 2015 Season Expectations
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on the Ohio State Buckeyes

    The Ohio State Buckeyes are completely stacked for next year
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Parents in Sports

    Ferrall thinks that Parents in Sports often times handle themselves poorly
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Coaches getting blamed

    Ferrall believes you can’t blame Coaches for athletes committing crimes in College Football.
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Shaq

    If Shaq got mad in his playing days, if you were on the opposing team, you better be careful.
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Former Athletes

    Ferrall finds it funny when athletes aren’t big deals anymore they become Super Nice.
  • 07-21-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Matt Vensel Interview

    Minneapolis Star Tribune Vikings Beat Reporter Matt Vensel talks everything regarding the Adrian Peterson contract & his future with the team
  • 07-21-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Bob Nightengale Interview

    USA TODAY MLB Columnist Bob Nightengale breaks down the Trade Deadline & everything MLB Headlines with Scott
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • 07-20-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Brian Katrek Interview

    Lead Play-By-Play anchor for the PGA TOUR Network on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Brian Katrek joined Scott to break down everything British Open
  • 07-20-15 - Ferrall on Notre Dame Football

    Ferrall thinks that Notre Dame Football is arrogant
  • 07-20-15 - Ferrall on Ty Lawson

    Ferrall thinks that Ty Lawson should be in jail because of his actions
  • 07-20-15 - Ferrall on Sports Broadcasters

    Ferrall thinks that it is very embarrassing when Sports Broadcasters in the biggest moments get the scores wrong.
  • 07-20-15 - Ferrall on Jordan Spieth

    Ferrall knows that going into the Final Round of the British Open, people wanted to see Jordan Spieth come through and win his 3rd major of the year.
  • 07-20-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Jarrod Rudolph Interview

    NBA Writer for Real Jarrod Rudolph talks with Scott everything NBA & Summer League.
  • Thursday, July 9th
  • 07-08-15 - Ferral on DeAndre Jordan

    Without question Ferrall thinks DeAndre Jordan was wrong for how he handled breaking his verbal agreement with Dallas and deciding to go back to the Clippers.
  • 07-08-15 - Ferrall on DeAndre Jordan and Marc Cuban

    Ferrall does see DeAndre Jordan talking this out with Marc Cuban of deciding to go back to the LA Clippers.
  • 07-08-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Ariel Helwani Interview

    Fox Sports and's Ariel Helwani talks everything UFC 189 including Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes with Scott
  • 07-08-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Rick Horrow Interview

    Sports Business Insider Rick Horrow breaks down the latest headlines in Sports with Scott
  • 07-08-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Helene Elliott Interview

    LA Times Sports Columnist Helene Elliot breaks down the latest news on DeAndre Jordan and where he will ultimately land.
  • 07-08-15 Ferrall On The Bench - David Dusek Interview

    Golfweek Magazine Senior Writer David Dusek joined Scott to break down everything 2015 British Open
  • Wednesday, July 8th
  • 07-07-15 - Ferrall on Talented athletes who commit crimes

    Ferrall believes that in many instances with Professional Athletes talent will supersede crime.
  • Ferrall on Former Florida State QB De'Andre Johnson's Lawyer

    Ferrall has a problem with the way former Florida State QB De'Andre Johnson's lawyer is handling this situation
  • 07-07-15 - Ferrall on the Boston Red Sox

    Ferrall thinks that the Boston Red Sox are not out of it in the AL East division
  • 07-07-15 - Ferrall on Rajon Rondo

    Ferrall believes Rajon Rondo was horrible in Dallas, he hasn’t been good in a while
  • 07-07-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Gary Washburn Interview

    Boston Globe National NBA Writer Gary Washburn breaks down all the latest NBA Headlines and Free Agency news with Scott
  • 07-07-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Danny Knobler Interview

    Bleacher Report MLB Lead Writer Danny Knobler talks all MLB Headlines with Scott
  • Tuesday, July 7th
  • 07-06-15 - Ferrall on Pro Teams drafting athletes who get in trouble

    Ferrall says with athletes who get in trouble as long as they have immense talent many professional teams will still draft them, plain and simple
  • 07-06-16 - Ferrall on former Florida State QB De’Andre Johnson

    Ferrall thinks there will be a stupid move made by a school to pick up former Florida State QB De’Andre Johnson after he was dismissed from the team after being arrested]
  • 07-06-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Shaun Powell Interview Writer Shaun Powell breaks down the latest NBA Free Agency Headlines with Scott
  • 07-06-15 - Ferrall on the San Antonio Spurs

    Ferrall is not buying David West as being a huge difference maker for the San Antonio Spurs and he is not sold that they are a favorite to win the NBA Title
  • 07-06-15 - Ferrall on the Lakers in 2015 Free Agency

    Ferrall thinks the Lakers didn’t do alot Free Agency wise to get better
  • 07-06-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Jason Cole Interview

    BleacherReport.Com NFL Reporter Jason Cole breaks down the latest NFL Headlines with Scott
  • Saturday, July 4th
  • 07-03-15 - Ferrall on Rajon Rondo

    Ferrall thinks that Rajon Rondo still has a lot of growing up to do
  • 07-03-15 - Ferrall on LaMarcus Aldridge

    Ferrall thinks that LaMarcus Aldridge has been getting way to much attention this past week
  • 07-03-15 - Ferrall on NBA Free Agency

    The NBA has given so much money in contracts in Free Agency, even guys that don’t even play get a lot of money, Ferrall can’t believe this.
  • 07-03-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Jarrod Rudolph Interview

    Big Day in NBA Free Agency. NBA Writer Jarrod Rudolph broke it all down with Scott
  • 07-03-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Bob Sturm Interview

    Bob Sturm from the Ticket in Dallas talks DeAndre Jordan signing with the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Cowboys & Josh Hamilton
  • 07-03-15 - Ferrall on NBA Free Agency

    It is amazing to Ferrall how many NBA Free Agents are deciding to not play in the New York and Los Angeles Markets.