Ferrall on the Bench

Ferrall on the Bench

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  • Saturday, April 25th
  • 04-24-15 - Ferrall on Sidney Crosby

    Ferrall has not been impressed with Pittsburgh Penguins Center Sidney Crosby to say the least.
  • 04-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Rick Horrow Interview

    Sports Business Insider Rick Horrow talks with Scott about the business aspect of the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight.
  • 04-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - John Walton Interview

    Ferrall talks with Washington Capitals Radio Play By Play Man John Walton about the Capitals/Islanders series in which they are one game away from advancing to the second round.
  • 04-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench Interview - Howard Beck

    Bleacher Report Senior Writer Howard Beck joined Scott to break down the NBA Playoffs
  • 04-24-15 - Ferrall on Floyd Mayweather

    Ferrall believes that Floyd Mayweather simply chooses the questions that he wants to answer and more times than not, he won’t answer the hard ones.
  • 04-24-15 - Ferrall on the Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Ferrall knows that once you get to the Stanley Cup Playoffs as a Player you never get tired.
  • Friday, April 24th
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Top Stories and Callers

    Scott goes through all the biggest stories in sports and takes calls on everything
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Mayweahter vs Pacquiao

    Scott talks about the Mayweahter vs Pacquiao fight with the guys and callers and keeps track of the Pelicans and Warriors Overtime
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Bulls vs Bucks 2OT

    Scott follows all the action in the Bulls vs Bucks 2OT Playoff Game
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Steph Curry and the Warriors

    Scott talks about the incredible comeback the Warriors have made against the Pelicans and how amazing Steph Curry is
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Dave Johnson Interview

    Scott talks to Wizards Radio voice Dave Johnson about the Wizards/Raptors Playoff series
  • 04-23-15 Ferrall on the Bench - Yordano Ventura

    Scott talks about how Royals Pitcher Yordano Ventura is immature and causing problems in the MLB
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • 04-22-15 - Ferrall On The San Antonio Spurs and LA Clippers

    Ferrall believes very strongly that the San Antonio Spurs will beat the LA Clippers when they get back home.
  • 04-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Bob Sturm Interview

    Dallas Mavericks Point Guard Rajon Rondo and Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy are making huge headlines in the Sports World. Bob Sturm from the Ticket in Dallas joined Scott to break it all down.
  • 04-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Dave Mishkin Interview

    Tampa Bay Lightning Dave Mishkin breaks down their Postseason series against the Detroit Red Wings
  • 04-22-15 - Ferrall on the Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings

    Ferrall is not so certain that the Tampa Bay Lightning will come back in their series to beat the Detroit Red Wings
  • 04-22-15 - Ferrall on the Heavyweight Division

    We are talking a lot about the Mayweather and Pacquaio fight. Ferrall believes that the heavyweight division however simply does not get enough attention.
  • 04-22-15 - Ferrall on the Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazers

    Ferrall talks about the Memphis Grizzlies dominating the Portland Trail Blazers this season.
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • 04-21-15 - Ferrall on Kevin Garnett

    Kevin Garnett was great, but when he was around great players, that is when he was at his best.
  • 04-21-15 - Ferrall on Kyrie Irving

    Ferrall believes that Shep is so wrong about Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard Kyrie Irving.