Ferrall on the Bench

Ferrall on the Bench

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  • Tuesday, August 4th
  • 08-03-15 - Ferrall on the Toronto Blue Jays

    The Toronto Blue Jays are going to be a dangerous team as we head down the stretch in the final two months of the season.
  • 08-03-15 - Ferrall on David Price

    Ferrall believes the Detroit Tigers will be a lot worse without David Price
  • 08-03-15 - Ferrall on Professional Athletes

    In professional Sports Star Players rarely are listening to Head Coaches.
  • 08-03-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Andrew Grief Interview

    Oregonian Oregon Ducks Beat Writer Andrew Greif breaks down the latest Mark Helfrich Pot Comments & previews their season overall
  • 08-03-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Nick Cafardo Interview

    Boston Globe National MLB Writer Nick Cafardo breaks down all the major MLB Headlines with Scott
  • 08-03-15 - Ferrall on Dez Bryant

    Ferrall doesn’t see why the Cowboys can’t win a Super Bowl with Wide Receiver Dez Bryant
  • Saturday, August 1st
  • 07-31-15 - Ferrall on Rex Ryan

    Ferrall believes that Rex Ryan needs to just focus on winning football games and stop talking so much
  • 07-31-15 - Ferrall on Patriots potentially not having Tom Brady

    Ferrall thinks if the Patriots don’t have Brady in those first four games it will not be a pretty picture.
  • 07-31-15 - Ferrall on the New England Patriots

    With Tom Brady out for the first four games, Ferrall believes they are still going to be effective on defense
  • 07-31-15 - Ferrall on Ronda Rousey

    Ferrall is very excited for the Ronda Rousey Fight for UFC 190
  • 07-31-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Tim Booth Interview

    Seattle-based AP Sports Writer Tim Booth talks everything Seattle Seahawks including the Monster Russell Wilson deal with Scott
  • 07-31-15 Ferrall On The Bench - John Perrotto Interview

    MLB National Columnist for the Sports Xchange John Perrotto breaks down everything MLB Trade Deadline with Scott.
  • Friday, July 31st
  • 07-30-15 - Ferrall on the San Francisco Giants

    The San Francisco Giants always find a way to get it done with it comes to winning
  • 07-30-15 Ferrall On the Bench - Mike Mushok and Adam Gontier Interview

    Mike Mushok & Adam Gontier of Saintasonia joined Scott to talk about their new album "Better Place" and everything Deflategate.
  • 07-30-15 - Ferrall On Virginia Tech

    Bottom line is with Virginia Tech kids don’t want to go play there anymore
  • 07-30-15 - Ferrall on the South Carolina Gamecocks

    South Carolina didn’t exactly have a great season last year. Ferrall thinks they didn’t do anything all last year.
  • 07-30-15 - Ferrall on Jets Sheldon Richardson

    Ferrall can’t believe that Jets Sheldon Richardson drove over 140 MPH with a 12 year old kid in back. However, athletes get away with a lot.
  • 07-30-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Ray Ratto Interview

    The great National MLB Writer Ray Ratto joined Scott to talk about the latest MLB Deadline Action
  • Thursday, July 30th
  • 07-29-15 - Ferrall on Tom Brady and Facebook

    Ferrally thinks that Tom Brady’s Facebook rant was insane
  • 07-29-15 - Ferrall on Wilmer Flores

    Ferrall believes New York Mets Infielder Wilmer Flores needs to grow up a little bit
  • 07-29-15 - Ferrall on Troy Tulowitzki

    Ferrall doesn’t think Troy Tulowitzki has gotten as bad as people think
  • 07-29-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Rick Horrow Interview

    Our Sports Business Insider Rick Horrow joined Scott to talk the business side of Deflategate and more
  • 07-29-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Filip Bondy Interview

    Great Author Filip Bondy joined Scott to talk about his new Book 'Pine Tar Game'
  • 07-29-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Filip Bondy Interview

    Great Author Filip Bondy joins Scott to talk about his new Book 'Pine Tar Game'
  • 07-29-15 - Ferrall on Robert Kraft

    Bottom line, Ferrall thinks that New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft dislikes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
  • Wednesday, July 29th
  • 07-28-15 - Ferrall on Tom Brady

    No one is buying Tom Brady’s lies.
  • 07-28-15 - Ferrall on Tom Brady

    The Public Opinion does not seem to be on Tom Brady’s side.
  • 07-28-15 - Ferrall on Deflategate

    The NFLPA and Tom Brady’s legal team simply aren’t holding the cards. The NFL has them right where they want it.
  • 07-28-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Shalise Manza Young

    New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady's 4 Game Suspension has been Upheld. Boston Globe Patriots Beat Reporter Shalise Manza Young joined Scott to break it all down.
  • 07-28-15 - Ferrall on Deflategate

    No matter how you look at Deflategate, they cheated their way to the Super Bowl
  • 07-28-15 - Ferrall on Don Yee

    Ferrall is simply bored with Don Yee, Tom Brady’s Agent
  • Tuesday, July 28th
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on countries having the olympics

    Every city that have the Olympics have empty stadiums that never get used again. People don’t even realize it.
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on Shane Victorino

    The Red Sox traded away Shane Victorino to the Angels, Ferrall thinks he simply isn’t that good anymore.
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on A-Rod

    Ferrall thinks there is no way that A-Rod is cheating
  • 07-27-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Nando Di Fino Interview

    SIRIUSXM &'s Nando Di Fino joined Scott to talk everything MLB
  • 07-27-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Matt Barrows Interviews

    Sacramento Bee 49ers Writer Matt Barrows joined Scott to talk 49ers & their Bizzare Offseason
  • 07-27-15 - Ferrall on the San Francisco Giants

    As good as the San Francisco Giants have been the past few years, Ferrall can’t understand why they don’t get more attention
  • Saturday, July 25th
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on Hulk Hogan's racist comments

    When it comes to Racism and Hulk Hogan’s recent comments you truly show who you are when the cameras aren’t rolling
  • 07-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Doug Lesmerises Interview

    Northeast Ohio Media Group OSU Writer Doug Lesmerises joins Scott to talk the latest Ohio State Headlines
  • 07-24-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Daniel Sunjata Interview

    The Very Talented Actor Daniel Sunjata joins Scott to talk about everything Season 3 Graceland
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on MLB Executives

    When it comes to executives in the MLB, not a lot of people know who they are, plain and simple.
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on offensive comments

    Ferrall is disgusted when people say offensive things and get raises for it
  • 07-24-15 - Ferrall on his reputation

    Ferrall does not think he is a bad guy, he just tells it like it is.
  • Friday, July 24th
  • 07-23-15- Ferrall on the Greatness of Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods Greatness is unmatched.
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Tiger Woods

    Ferrall is not trying to be mean, but he has friends that are better Golfers than Tiger woods right now.
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Athletes being Sports Heroes

    07-23-14 - Ferrall knows the reality is Athletes are Sports Heroes for Kids
  • 07-23-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Kevin Eschenfelder Interview

    Root Sports Houston Anchor Kevin Eschenfelder talks with Scott about the biggest MLB Trade on Thursday, the Houston Astros getting Pitcher Scott Kazmir.
  • 07-23-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Cedric Golden Interview

    Austin American-Statesman Sports Columnist Cedric Golden talks the latest on the Texas Longhorns with Scott
  • 07-23-15 - Ferrall on Roger Goodell

    Ferrall says plain and simply NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not going away
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on Alabama Football

    Say what you want about Nick Saban, Ferrall believes Alabama has the best College Football Program in the country
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on South Carolina

    Ferrall believes the reality is South Carolina as a Football Program is good, but they never win anything big.
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall On College Football

    College Football is tough everywhere, not just in the SEC
  • 07-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Dennis Dodd Interview College Football Senior Columnist Dennis Dodd talks Steve Spurrier, SEC & all other College Football Headlines with Scott
  • 07-22-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Brian Cushing Interview

    Houston Texans Pro Bowl Linebacker Brian Cushing joined Scott to talk about their 2015 Season Expectations
  • 07-22-15 - Ferrall on the Ohio State Buckeyes

    The Ohio State Buckeyes are completely stacked for next year
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Parents in Sports

    Ferrall thinks that Parents in Sports often times handle themselves poorly
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Coaches getting blamed

    Ferrall believes you can’t blame Coaches for athletes committing crimes in College Football.
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Shaq

    If Shaq got mad in his playing days, if you were on the opposing team, you better be careful.
  • 07-21-15 - Ferrall on Former Athletes

    Ferrall finds it funny when athletes aren’t big deals anymore they become Super Nice.
  • 07-21-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Matt Vensel Interview

    Minneapolis Star Tribune Vikings Beat Reporter Matt Vensel talks everything regarding the Adrian Peterson contract & his future with the team