Hernandez Family Could Get Settlement; NFL Wants To Avoid PR NightmareAaron Hernandez was diagnosed with CTE. Now his family is suing the NFL.
Heather Hansen: 'It Was Unbelievable'The trial attorney and TV personality gives her thoughts on the Aaron Hernandez trial.
Heather Hansen: 'Now You’ve Got Motive'Philadelphia trial attorney explains what the latest Aaron Hernandez indictments could mean.
Ben Volin: 'Bill Belichick Expressed A Lot Of Contrition'Ben Volin talks with Scott Ferrall about Bill Belichick's mood at his press conference regarding questions about Aaron Hernandez.
Clark Judge: 'No Judgment Exercised By The Pounceys'CBSSports.com NFL writer Clark Judge talks with Scott Ferrall about the decision by the Pouncey brothers to wear "Free Hernandez" hats in public.
Ben Volin: 'Aaron Hernandez Involved In Two Separate Incidents'The Boston Globe NFL writer Ben Volin talks with Scott Ferrall about Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and his connection to a murder investigation.

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